CCTV SYSTEMS – tailored to your individual hazardous area requirements. We develop CCTV system solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your plant to provide you with maximum surveillance coverage of all areas and processes in hazardous areas. We provide not only hardware and software, but all relevant services such as project design, project engineering, system configuration, documentation, FAT, commissioning, SAT, service and maintenance – except for installation. Our CCTV systems also adapt to existing CCTV systems. An experienced project manager will be your primary contact and responsible throughout the entire project.

R.STAHL Firmengebäude Köln


A leading provider of products, systems and services in the field of explosion protection, R. STAHL has many years of experience in this field. Wherever there are explosive gas-air mixtures or dusts, our products prevent explosions. With the highest degree of reliability and quality we ensure the safety of people, environment and machines.

A traditional company with more than 80 years of experience in the field of explosion protection, R. STAHL is an expert in every type of protection. We design and implement the ideal solution for your requirements. Our broad product range provides explosion protection in many forms: from camera systems and connection boxes to a fieldbus system. International certifications, approvals and patents underline our competence and allow our products and systems to be used worldwide.


We aim to always be at the cutting edge of technology, and meet every challenge head-on: with Ex 4.0 our customers can always be safe in the knowledge that they have opted for an up-to-date, permanently viable solution with international certifications and adapted to specific ambient conditions.

We are showcasing future-proof solutions for your specific requirements under the banner of "Ex 4.0 – the next level of explosion protection".


The basic principle of Ex 4.0 is to improve protection by means of connectivity. For this is exactly the point where decisive aspects of industry 4.0 meet elementary process technology. And this is the reason why R. STAHL is dedicated to the connectivity or our products and solutions. After all, only the perfect connection of all networks, devices and protocols will guarantee absolutely reliable protection, greater efficiency and precise control.

Because Ex 4.0 connectivity solutions are mainly designed to meet the requirements of the 21st century, they are not only compatible with many systems, but they were also designed in such a way that they themselves became a part of industry 4.0. From now on you can not only read the status of your devices on-site at any time, or monitor your entire production floor from a connected flat screen, but you can also keep track of everything while on the move. With an app on your smartphone mobile control is simple as can be. Safe as ever, control as never before.

The cameras and CCTV systems of R. STAHL are designed for utmost "CONNECTIVITY", and they can be connected to a great many external hardware components. For example, we can adapt to existing CCTV systems, connect IP and analog systems and many more besides. This enables us to design the ideal CCTV system for each individual requirement – saving our customers time and money.