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Our hazardous area CCTV systems are not dependent on a specific manufacturer and are fully compliant with the ONVIF Profile S standard, ensuring integration of cameras models from other manufacturers (1000 IP cameras from around 40 manufacturers). SeeTec Cayuga is multilingual and supports ten languages at the moment: English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish, and Dutch.
Other languages are currently in preparation.



Just like R. STAHL's hardware platform, the SeeTec software is designed as an "open" system, making it easy for R. STAHL IP cameras as well as network cameras and video servers of almost all major manufacturers (ONVIF Profile S) and I/O modules, alarm triggers or video sensors to be operated inside one CCTV system. Thus, individual, tailor-made system solutions are possible for every application - for completely new CCTV systems as well as the expansion / upgrade of existing ones.


Various client types such as Windows client, Web client and mobile client (e. g. smartphones or tablets using iOS or Android) enable access to and from the cameras both locally and via the internet. Here, data transmission between client and servers is always on the basis of AES encrypted connections. Desktop virtualisation with Citrix and desktop connections are also supported.


Should a recording server fail, a failover server in hot standby mode can take over the recording of images. Even if the central administration server fails, the local systems will remain accessible in stand-alone mode.


SeeTec can be used to define complex alarm scenarios which, in the case of an alarm, start the simultaneous recording of network cameras in the system or forward alarms. Thus, reaction times are cut and dangerous situations can be defused sooner.


Multi-level administration for individual mapping of organisation structures. Expanded alarm scenarios enable users to individually map routines and workflows.


SeeTec Cayuga has a user-friendly and sophisticated video analysis integrated as a basic module. For further analysis, a great many modules are available in the system. These modules can be used for fast and reliable recognition of potential dangers, thus creating the basis for an efficient alarm management.

Your security staff's work is noticeably reduced, and valuable resources are saved.


Temperature detection is a challenging task, requirements vary as per application. We configure and customise our thermodetect software to meet your specific needs. Outline your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thermodetect Software – Individually Configurable


Other Video Management Software Solutions

Our CCTV systems also support other video management systems.
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